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How to Use This Site

We want to keep it simple as possible. It works like this:

New users
Register with your chosen user name, password and email.

Post an advert
Simply click on the link and choose the category your ad will be in, fill in the form and submit it. You will then be taken to the payment area – we use PayPal – where you can either use your PayPal account or pay by credit card. Your ad will be displayed once payment is made.

Handy tip:
Get your photos ready first. You can have up to 3 no bigger than 500kb. Save them on your computer in a handy place ready for upload. Some free images here.

Once your ads are listed you can check your own dashboard by logging in using your username and password. Your dashboard will list your current ads and you can also add more detail about yourself. Keep your full name and personal details private by not entering them. Others will be able to see your information.

You can mark your ads as ‘sold’ if you want to withdraw the listing before the 30 days is up. (No refunds for unused time – sorry!)

Can I make changes to my Ad?
Yes you can. On your dashboard where you manage your ads, you will see each ad listed and on the right hand side is a little pencil. Click that pencil to edit your ad.

Please make a password that others won’t guess. A handy tip is to have a little book by your computer to keep passwords in – computer hackers can’t read whats not on your computer! Don’t keep them on your phone as phones can be stolen etc.

Suggest categories
We will add more categories if there is a need for them. But do try the search box – it’s pretty good at giving good results. And add tags to your own ads so they will be more easily found. Google picks up this stuff too!

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