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Tips for Sellers

I have a number of the same item – can I sell it over and over on the same ad?
YES – You sure can! This is what makes West Auckland Classified so cost effective.
Can I sell a number of similar items on the same ad?
YES – You can. For example say you sell T-Shirts with 3 different colours and different pictures on the front. Take photos to show them quite clearly and mention in the ad that the buyer needs to specify size colour and image when they contact you to save time. So in theory you could sell your whole t-shirt shop from a low $5 a month! Keep in mind the tags have to be relevant, so it won’t work for you if you sell T-shirts and watches from the same ad. And you can only have 3 images.
What are tags?
When you complete your listing you will see a field for ‘tags’. These are short one or two word descriptions of your item and will assist when people search for a specific thing. For example if you list T-Shirts your tags could be t-shirts, t-shirt, clothing, mens clothing. These tags also help your listings turn up in Google searches(this takes a little longer than the site search which happens straight away)
What about postage?
Because there are no success fees on Perth Classifieds Online it does not make any difference as to what you sell your items for. However, as a courtesy to your buyers you should state what the postage is likely to be. The buying and selling is between the two parties and is completed off-site
Does the customer see my email address?
No – when a buyer contacts you through the handy form it is sent to you but they don’t see the email address. Your details are kept in our secure database and are not divulged to a third part. Of course when you respond to them they will then see your email. Sellers can also list a phone number and contact can be made over the phone.
What if I find it confusing or have a problem?
Please contact us and we will do our best to help you get started.
What is the best size for images?
I find the images come out well if I make them 72 dpi and 600 px wide. This keeps the file size nice and low. Also jpg files are best. This website will automatically make them the optimum size for display – but won’t make a tiny image larger. Click here for some free images.
What about images in the Featured Ad slider?
The first image added will go in the slider so pick a square shaped image, rather than a rectangle as all slider images are cropped so that all sides are the same length.
How do I get my ad in the slide-show on the front page?
All featured ads go in the slide-show or slider. When listing your ad you can pay extra and have it listed as a featured ad.

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